Accelerates your AI and Computing CapacityWhile Contributing to a Sustainable World of Computing


High Performance Computing comes with different characteristics and in numerous shapes and sizes. In order to achieve the highest quality in analytics at affordable prices, Synthesis Analytics deploy specialized algorithms supported by specialized processors catering to specific needs and tailored solutions.

Green andCircular Systems

Synthesis Analytics processors are fully submerged in a thermally conductive dielectric coolant that removes heat from the system at higher rates and ensure that no energy content is lost in the process. The energy content carried by the coolant is then reused to generate new energy and in other production processes leveraging the remaining energy content – making Synthesis Analytics an industry leader in energy effectiveness and sustainability.

State of the ArtAlgorithms

Synthesis Analytics invest in building specialised and proprietary algorithms that can leverage our computing capacity for specific customer needs. Currently, Synthesis algorithms cover image analyses on cell behaviour for diagnostic and drug development applications, for digital identity verification, for block-chain transaction verification for different fintech applications and for digital asset ownership clearance.

Performance andEffectiveness

In order to deliver affordable and yet high-quality green computing capacity, Synthesis Analytics has developed its proprietary and scalable systemic solution based on, specialized ASICs, deep vertical integration, smart capture and reuse of surplus heat, high level of automation and plenty of green and competitively priced energy. Synthesis Analytics has cracked the equation that transforms this into reality.

Superior Data Processing andMinimised Carbon Footprint

The Synthesis

Dedicated and specialised Blockchain, AI and Deep Learning Algorithms providing competitive advantages in several industries.

The Cube

High-Performance Processors with maximised effectiveness enabled through proprietary and specialised ASICs and performance management system.

The Energiser

State of the art immersion cooling system capable of capturing and leveraging surplus heat to transform into new energy to power the Cube.

The Nuke

The Nuke is a Swedish Nuclear Power plant located at Marviken, Norrköping, Sweden. The existing infrastructure supports green energy in large volumes and has a private harbour with access to large volumes cooling water from Baltic Sea. The Nuke is establishing as the engine of the new analytics entrepreneurship ecosystem of Sweden.

The Port

The Port is located at a Greenfield site in Um Alhoul, a Special Economic Zone next to Hamad Port in Doha, Qatar. Tapping into Qatar’s energy resources, this infrastructure has the potential to become the engine of a new analytics entrepreneurship ecosystem in Qatar.


Synthesis Analytics is a Swedish company that invests in building green high-performance computing capacity and state-of-the-art algorithms to serve global industry leaders with analytics, fully leveraging the Nordic strong position in programming of complex systems. Computing capacity for effective clearing, settlements and validation of large volume transactions as well as image analysis will transform several industries and Synthesis Analytics is dedicated to shape those transformations. Synthesis Analytics processors are helping the world to predict the future, model financial supply chains, pioneer new music and fast track the search for new cancer medicines — leveraging the power of specialized processors and algorithms.

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